Assignment 5 – Planning

Planning, brainstorming notes and discarded images

Defining the subject 

This has been a very challenging assignment. Since the very begging I had difficulties to define the subject. I had different ideas that could had worked, but all of them presented problems. Among the subject I though of there were: i) the water crises in São Paulo; ii) African roots in Brazilian culture; iii) Informal economy in Brazil. Even though the subjects made sense to me, and that I had imagined the main images which I would use to compose the narratives for each of them, there were different situations that made me change my mind. Continue reading Assignment 5 – Planning

Anastasia Taylor Lind – Maidan

Maidan, is a strong documentary on how armed conflicts affects common people. All the photographs are portraits against a black background of men and women living in Ukraine during the 2014 revolution. The photographs have been taken in Maidan Square, the very same area were they suffer the consequences of the quarrels, but there are no records of the streets. As Anastasia Taylor-Lind stated, removing the dramatic visuals of fire, ice and smoke, images that have become so repetitive and familiar in mass media, was mandatory to tell the stories of the individuals and to get rid from the  photojournalistic conventions (1). Continue reading Anastasia Taylor Lind – Maidan

Tessa Bunney – Hand to Mouth

Hand to mouth explores the lives of Romanian nomad shepherds in the Carpathos. The work contrasts a bucolic and idealised ambient with the hardness of rural life. The people have been portrayed revealing confidence, strength, proudness, dedication and happiness. Although the scenes describe a poor an precarious environment, it is dignified and harmonic based on the proximity to the nature, the community bonds and tradition. It is the way of life of their ancestors. Continue reading Tessa Bunney – Hand to Mouth

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